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I was referred to Debra Nelson of W&C Marketing &Designs when I decided to create a family historical website ( After one meeting, it was clear, she was the right choice. She listened intently, offered several creative suggestions, and took my simple idea to new heights. I truly never realized the process was going to be as involved as it was, but with Deb’s can-do attitude we now have an amazing, well-functioning family website that can continue to grow. I look forward to doing another project with her in the future. - Richard Sutz

“Debra Nelson of W&C Marketing & Designs is very professional, knowledgeable, and creative. She is receptive to input and open to suggestions, immediately becoming a member of the team. She understands the stated goals and deadlines, and works quickly to help achieve them. The fast pace, changes, and design challenges don’t throw her; she finds solutions and stays on track and on time. Debra is a pleasure to work with and our magazine staff highly recommends her.” - Evelyn Holbrook, Managing Editor; Vickilyn Hussey, Editor; RoseMary Ciammitti, Advertising Sales - Artzbeat Magazine

Debra and W&C Marketing & Designs is a pleasure to work with; creative, intuitive, insightful and just lots of fun.  As a small non profit with a small budget, staffed primarily by volunteers, we don't contract out much of our work.  But meeting Debra and allowing her to evaluate our online and marketing effectiveness was eye opening.  She has done more in three months to improve our public awareness than we've achieved in several years.  Thanks Deb! - Pam Berry, Executive Director - Horses with H.E.A.R.T., Inc.

Debra Nelson and W&C Marketing & Designs have made our busy lives at Bar U Bar Ranch much easier. I first met Debra through horses and learned of her web capabilities. She did an efficient, cost effect redesign of our website.  We were up and running in short time. One of the best things for me is the quickness of response when I ask her to add, take away or just generally change something. I have been extremely impressed with her professionalism and speed of work. I highly recommend W&C Marketing & Designs for all your promotional needs. - Laurel Denton, Owner - Bar U Bar Ranch

Debra of W&C Marketing & Designs has been one of the best people I have ever met. Debra is one of the most enjoyable, creative people I have ever met. You can describe an idea to her, and she is able to make it a reality. Debra has completely transformed our social media presence in order to reach a larger population. Her work is beautiful, and I let everyone know that they should get all their work done by her. Thank you so much Debra for the awesome work past, present, and future. - Heather Roehl, Special Collections Curator - Arizona Jewish Historical Society

Debra of W&C Marketing & Designs has been a game changer to our team. She has improved our social media reach and increased our communication outreach. She is the person to fill in the gaps in your company. Debra has done extensive research to increase our ability to reach new marketing partners while reviewing all past marketing ventures. She has increased our profile to companies interested in the sport of racing. She has increased and organized our presence on the internet and coordinated our overall exposure to fans. Also, Debra is a breath of fresh air to work with. She is always willing to listen and easy to get a hold of. She is the part we needed to stay in the Winner's Circle! - Cassie Gannis, Owner & Driver - Cassie Gannis Racing

I recently was asked by an, admittedly picky, client for graphic designer referrals.  A colleague of mine recommended Debra and I am so glad he did! She exceeded all my client’s expectations and they are thrilled with her work.  Debra stands out as a rare combination of analytical and creative. She does her homework and researches potential clients to build a full understanding of the organization’s obstacles, goals, and vision.  She communicates clearly, effectively and acts as a project manager when needed to pull collaborators together to define a cohesive vision. Her work is creative, dynamic, functional, thoughtful, and cohesive. She is an experienced and talented designer who understands how to design for print, and I am looking forward to working with her again. - Briana Heaphy, Account Executive - Courier Graphics Corporation

Debra at W&C Marketing & Designs is the best. She is smart, creative, honest and really cares about our company. She has quickly  learned about our company and offers great suggestions to improve our communications. I don’t feel like Debra works for an outside agency, it feels like she is part of our marketing staff. - Dan Sommer, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer - Minico Insurance Agency, LLC

Debra Nelson is one of the best designers and hardest workers I have ever worked with.  As Executive Vice President for a $4 billion insurance company and Chair of the Arizona Fallen Firefighter Memorial, I was astonished at Debra’s artful designs, her eye for color and texture, and her ability to make the viewer feel a part of the visual imagery.  I loved working with Deb.  She could take a verbal image and create something incredible on time and on budget.  She is delightful to work with and a true professional in all aspects of her work. - Rick DeGraw, Executive Vice President, Retired - CopperPoint Insurance Companies


Over the last several years, I have been sharing more and more of my photography online and that has necessitated adding a watermark.  The more images I published, the more I have become dissatisfied with using just my digital signature.  I wanted something more uniquely me, but I am not a graphic designer and really had no idea where to even start.  Debra and I had met through Arizona Border Collie Rescue and when I asked if anyone I knew had experience with designing logos, she stepped forward.  Debra has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She reviewed my photographic work, formed some beautiful ideas that captured my initials and also my creative approach to imagery. Her work is imaginative, bold, and original.   I now have a watermark for my images that is itself a piece of art and captures exactly what I wanted.   If you are looking for an excellent marketing designer, look no further.  Debra is fantastic.  --Susan K. Tiss, Photographer at Large.


Deb, with her creative and imaginative talents have helped promote our rescue and all the special dogs in it with her crafty and clever ads.  We are very thankful for her gung hoe and get it done attitude. Love her! - Kelly Quinn, President & Founder - Arizona Border Collie Rescue.


Since working with W&C, Angels on Patrol has seen an increase of traffic on our social media sites. Deb took the time to understand the agency, its mission, and the audience we want to capture. It's been nothing but a pleasure working with W&C! I know our marketing needs are in great and capable hands under the creative care of W&C. - Melinda Candena, Senior Program Manager - Angels on Patrol


As a print supplier, I have worked with Deb for over 15+ years. I have seen her spearheading an extensive number of brand building programs and initiatives for others. She is a very customer oriented person, has a very high aptitude for sales-related roles, is trustworthy, reliable, and most importantly goes to great lengths to accomplish any project given to her." - Jim Bilbrey, Account Executive – Courier Graphics Corporation


I have worked with Debra on many occasions and the level of expertise is amazing, very creative, and she gets what you are looking for.  Brilliant is how I would describe her!  - Sona Reade, Owner - Shop 88


I started my Personal Training business a year ago and needed someone who could help me design the logo for me. Deb took my vision and made it real. She is able to take something so small and make it so amazing. She is there for her clients 100% of the way and is there to make you succeed. - Caitie Canacakos, Personal Trainer, Owner - Gracefully Fit, LLC


Debra Nelson is nothing short of wonderful.  When asked to provide the artwork and design for the Arizona Burn Foundation for its annual fundraising event, invitations and collateral material, Debra created absolutely beautiful materials in a timely and inexpensive fashion.  While Debra donated her time and effort, she made sure that the materials would be able to be produced at an appropriate cost, thereby saving the Foundation money and heartache.  Debra was very creative in her designs and listened closely to our needs and desires.  The Arizona Burn Foundation owes Debra a great debt of gratitude for her professional and artistic approach to our needs. - Gina DeGraw, Festival of Trees 2016


Spectrum has worked with Debra on multiple projects, large and small. She understands the dynamics of video production, editing and live events. Debra knows how to make a decision and has the ability to execute tasks in a timely manner. These are just a few of the reasons she is always a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her! - Ken Liljegren, President - Spectrum Video & Film